COMAR 8 Topic Staff Training

COMAR 8 Topic Staff Training

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READ! The Online Session you are about to take, is ONE COURSE that includes 8 Topics. There is one price for the entire 8 Topic Course of $30.00. You will have 1 weeks to complete this 8 topic course, and your start date is the date you pay for the course. Good Luck and Congratulations on your Success!

COMAR 8 TOPIC Core lesson plan.,video and knowledge check quiz for each.

  1. Basic food safety.
  2. Emergency Disaster Plan.
  3. Infection Control.
  4. Fire and life Safety. 
  5. Final Quiz with Certificate For; Basic food, ER plan,Infect, Fire safety.
  6.  Resident’s Rights.
  7. Use Of a Service Plan.
  8. Health and Psycho social needs of the Population being Served.
  9. Resident Assessment Process.
  10. Final Quiz with Certificate For; Resident rights, service plan, Psycho-Social needs, Assessment Process.

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